Seeking rocky worlds, figuring out how planets form


Hello, Worlds!

Welcome to rockyworlds, where I am telling stories about my research on extra-solar planets!  I am blogging because (1) I love storytelling, and (2) I want to reflect on how my research relates to the questions that drive me to do science.  But if my stories also inspire you or make you laugh, so be it.

My research entails finding rocky worlds and figuring out how planets form, and these topics underly most of my posts here.  In addition to progress in exoplanet research, I cover some of the fundamental physics concepts that make my work possible.  I also include occasional posts about research life–things like traveling to collect data from the world’s largest optical telescope, which is usually great but once involved tolerating a cockroach as a bedfellow.

I had a wise teacher in high school who said that all physics lab reports should be as readable as a bedtime story.  My posts tend to be about 1000 words of what I hope is plain English, making them the right length for a cup of coffee or a bedtime story––your pick. 🙂



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